Founded by James (@iamjameshannam) MakerLabs is a mix of part store, part consultancy and part workshop playground. 

The story of how MakerLabs came about is far too long... enough to say that MakerLabs is now in its fifth year, and after the wonders of 2020 we are still here! 

This year sees a slightly trimmed down version of MakerLabs (James is concentrating on his new daughter - making sure she learns how to solder and weld before she it two!) MakerLabs is still making its popular Bat Detector kits, and increasingly awesome Stand. 

We are doing a few courses and events, and are actively working with our long term schools across the UK, helping them with their iPad roll outs, Microsoft deployments and Google setups. If you'd like help with yours, get in touch via twitter, instagram, or fill out the contact form!